About the research group

Psychosomatic Medicine

The term "psychosomatic medicine" stands for a holistic bio-psycho-social approach in medicine.  In Germany there is the "Specialist for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy". They primarily care for psychological disorders apart from psychotic disorders and even more for somatic illnesses in need of specialized psychological support. This includes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Medical Rehabilitation

According to §2 and § 26 of the social security statute book IX, medical rehabilitation has the task to prevent, diagnose, and treat chronic health problems, which are additionally associated with participation restrictions. Chronic disorders are the main burden in modern health care and need special ways of care, including somato-, pharmaco-, psycho-, and sociotherapy.

Research group psychosomatic rehabilitation (FPR)

The FPR is a joint research institute of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Charité University Medicine Berlin and the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Rehabilitation Centre Seehof of the Federal German Pension Fund, Teltow/Berlin. There is a close cooperation with the Rehabilitation Research Association Berlin-Brandenburg-Saxonia (BBS) and the Institute for Behavioral Therapy Berlin (IVB).

Research at the FPR deals with the type, course, characteristics, classification, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of long-term psychological disorders, as well as their social impact and ways of social participation. Research is done in cooperation with outpatient physicians and psychotherapists, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, occupational physician, and social insurances.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Rose, Prof. Dr. Volker Köllner & Prof. Dr. Michael Linden