Work related anxiety

The workplace is an area in life which poses many stressors. There are many threatening stimuli, be it because of the boss, colleagues, unfriendly customers, job demands, or job insecurity.


         A self rating scale (Job anxiety scale, JAS) was developed with 70 items, 14 subscales, and 5 dimensions:

     – Stimulus-related anxiety and avoidance behavior (anticipatory anxiety, phobic avoidance, conditioned anxiety)

     Social anxiety and impairment cognitions (fears of exploitation, social anxiety, threats and impairment)

     Health and physical anxiety (hypochondriac tendencies, panic and physical symptoms, functional anxiety)

     Insufficiency of life (general ideas of insufficiency, fear of change)

     Workplace-related worries (worry in the sense of workplace-related GAD, existential fear).

      A short form is available which only measures "workplace phobia".


        A clinical interview (Arbeits-Angst-Interview, AAI) was developed to measure work related anxiety disorders. According to the spectrum of other anxiety disorders, there is also a variety of work anxieties, such as
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) regarding the workplace
Adjustment disorder with anxiety or other emotions (embitterment, anger, aggression, depression) regarding the workplace
Specific and unspecific social anxiety regarding the workplace
Situational anxiety regarding the workplace
Hypochondriac anxiety regarding the workplace
Fear of insufficiency regarding the workplace
Generalized worries about the workplace


         A short psychotherapy was developed for the treatment of workplace-related anxieties (see psychotherapy research).

Research database

For more details please use the Charité undefinedresearch database.